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SROS LORDS "RULE" This is fine lo-fi punk rock from one of the better places for all things rock, Detroit, Michigan. They are closest in sound to a Chicago band called the Mentally Ill with the bombastic rhythms, an abrasive buzz in the guitars (maybe a synth). Of course the manic vocals are out front with plenty of intensity and desperation. This is well done with just the right balance of creativity and 'screw creativity, let's rock' attitude. It is not for everybody but if you are not sure if people still play decent punk rock music, give this one a listen and you may be pleasantly surprised. Songs to start with first: Fits You Fine - This takes me back to Detroit hardcore with more grungy punk infused. Cleaner Love - Tub thumping drums drive this one home. Sniper - Maybe the catchiest song for me.

From the Detroit Metro Times

Even if you haven't seen the Detroit punk band SROS Lords, you might have noticed their drummer. Front and center on any given night when there happens to be some weirdo punk band playing in town, dressed in his trademark bandana, wife-beater and shorts, Jamie Cherry is usually fist-pumping and flailing his gigantic, rotund frame in front of the audience while shouting various obscenity-laden encouragements to whoever happens to be on stage. His exuberance is refreshing, or possibly annoying if you're standing nearby and holding a drink, among the throngs of the self-conscious head-nodders and "normal people." Raised in St. Clair Shores along with bass player Phil Dworzecki and keyboard player Allan Adams, Cherry approaches the drums and being in a band in general with this same excitement. "Jamie is our secret power," singer, guitar player and Birmingham native Morgan Blank says.
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